Military Families
sacrifice everyday

Their families serve as well.
Please Help Us Honor these Heroes and their Families.

Our Mission

Operation R & R is a non -profit organization, founded in 2008, dedicated to serving Military Families and Gold Star Families who have sacrificed extended time apart from loved ones, been injured or worse in their line of duty. Over 1700 families have been helped since 2008.

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Specifically, Operation R&R provides a 4-7 night, virtually free, stress free experience on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for:

  • Military families completing multiple, long term deployments to help them reconnect with their spouse and children.
  • American Gold Star Families and other family members to offer time to reflect and heal as a result of their child or spouse suffering the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.

All monies raised by Operation R & R come from personal donations, fundraising activities and corporate donations.

“My husband's stressed look melted from his face the minute he saw the ocean from our balcony.”

- October ORR Guest

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People are talking about Operation R&R!

“Time as a family with the military can be tough. When we get it, we appreciate it and cherish it above all else. We cannot thank you enough for giving us time together.”

- Ruesinks family

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“Enduring these 15 months apart is made easier because of the generous hearts of those who understand, and we can't thank you enough.”

- February ORR Guest

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Participating Sponsors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors. We truly appreciate your help, encouragement and support. Without you our mission would not be possible.

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